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Improve Academic Performance 1. More study halls Every week night that the athletes don’t have a game. For an hour and a half 2. Required meetings with teachers outside of class 1 meeting, each teacher, every two weeks or more often if necessary 3. Motivational Speakers: drugs, alcohol, stress, homework/tests/papers One every Friday instead of study hall. 4. Higher GPA requirements-2.5 Study Groups Free tutoring Sign in/out sheet for class Classes that teach how to write and take tests 5. Progress reports slipping grades=probation
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Drug tests • Every three weeks 7. Work in advance • There is no excuse why the students could not complete an assignment • Helps the athletes organize their time 8. Athletic dorm • lock down, room checks • no tolerance policy • Curfew 9. Punishments 10. Required Internships • Juniors and Seniors • Keep a journal and write a final paper of what they learned • Helps them make contacts, get ahead in their future career, helps them find what they want to do....
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