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First Episode Adler and Adler Are male athletes more likely than non-athletes to engage in violence off the field? Adler and Adler pg. 49 (end) Boys and men also create a masculine, athletic center through their everyday peer group interactions. (pg.30) They bring their competitiveness with them wherever they go. They are more likely to react in an aggressive manner in everyday events Why do athletes say, “You realize it is just part of the game,” so often? “It is a dog-eat-dog world out there; you gotta have that killer instinct.”
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Unformatted text preview: Duke lacrosse team Why did you get accused of rape? • We were out of our normal role set. We were not interacting as the public usually sees us. • Our roles conflicted. We, as college students, not athletes, began to party and someone took it way out of hand. What did this do to your reputation? • Well, our status has surly diminished within our community and even the nation....
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