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Connell, World Civilizations To the Mid-Sixteenth Century World Civilization to the Mid-Sixteenth Century HIST 111G-04, 05, Spring 2006 TR 9:30-10:45, 11:00-12:15 MCM 213 Professor W. F. Connell, Ph.D. Office: Commonwealth Hall 21 Office Hours: MW 4-5, Tuesday 1:30-3:30 (David Student Union 218) and by appointment email: Tel: 594-7362 Please, if you have not already done so, purchase the following books. They are available at the University Bookstore, but also may be purchased online or through a local bookseller. Used copies are available at a discounted price. William J. Duiker and Jackson J. Spielvogel, World History Volume I: To 1800 . 5 th edition. New York: Thomson/Wadsworth Press, 2007. Diana Hacker, A Pocket Style Manual . 4 th Edition. New York: Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2004. (Optional) Her website, , also provides some help with Chicago Style citations. Readings listed ‘electronic reserve’ on the syllabus are available online and in the library on 2 hour loan. If a reading is difficult to obtain online, please go to the library and photocopy the reading. Students are advised to get the readings early. They can be downloaded in PDF format to a computer or a disk. Inability to download the readings is not a legitimate excuse to come to class unprepared. Some additional readings will be made available online. Access them through the online version of this syllabus available on WebCT. Objective: This course will examine select social, political, environmental, economic, and cultural trends in the history of the ancient world, from the earliest recorded history through the mid-sixteenth century. All regions of the world inhabited by humans – the Americas, Africa, Europe, Australia, Oceania, and Asia – will be considered. Principally, we will seek to understand how and why certain areas of the world developed in distinct ways. As this is also an introductory course to the discipline of history, we will seek to understand, fundamentally, what history is, what historians do, and something about their methods. Course Requirements and Assessment: The readings for each week are listed below. The assigned reading from the textbook (D&S) must be read before the first class meeting of each week (example, Week 2, all of Chapter 1 must be read by 8/29). Students will be responsible for all material covered in lectures, the discussions, films, and assigned readings. It is, therefore, imperative that students attend the lectures and discussions, take careful notes, and keep up with the reading. If necessary, there may be announced reading quizzes on Mondays. These quizzes will count 5% of the final grade (part of class participation) and will only be given if the class does not seem to be keeping up with the reading. A map quiz, listed on the syllabus, will further assess knowledge of geography. In order to pass the class, students must turn in all major papers and attempt all exams. Proper classroom decorum is
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Syllabus - Connell, World Civilizations To the...

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