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Brittney Harris Responding to: Friday Night Lights Subject: The Pre-season 27 Feb. 2007 Record React “But the machinations behind building up multi-million-dollar companies or working up a deal to get the hostages out of Iran proved to be mere trifles in comparison to what happened when Perot threatened the sanctity of football in Odessa.” (pg. 23) “You take it away and it’s almost like you strip the identity of the people.” (pg. 24) This community, in Odessa, survives by its football team. This team means everything to them. This town is definitely a sport institution. They base the player not only on his personality but mostly on his athletic ability. This puts a lot of pressure on the player to perform perfectly as an athlete. “And certainly he wasn’t the only one to have learned the much-admired lesson of no pain no gain.” (pg. 25) “In seasons past, playing for Permian had meant routinely vomiting during the grueling off-season workouts inside the hot and sweaty weight room. It had meant
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