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DEN1(part2)_Harris - Brittney Harris Responding to Patricia...

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Brittney Harris Responding to: Patricia A. Adler and Peter Adler’s “Backboards and Blackboards” Subject: Chapter 1 and 2 1/30/07 Record React 1. “Shed light on the social dynamics and process of socialization in the world of college athletics” (pg.26) I think this means that they are going to reflect on the information they found in and around the “social webs” of college basketball. 2. “Hierarchy of salience” (pg.29) What does this really mean? I think it means there is an order or a ranking system that people use to put what roles or actions are most likely to represent themselves. 3. “Develop self-images as athletes from a young age” (pg.54) I believe this is an important aspect of being a successful athlete. The longer you have played the sport you would like to pursue, the more experience and knowledge you retain for the game. 4. “Using athletic ability to go to college.” (pg.56) This is what my friends and I did. We sought out a team/school we could really see ourselves playing at and researched
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