Weekly Assignment 15 - They came up with a tactic to try to...

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Brittney Harris History 111 Professor Connell 26 April 2007 Cuba Cuba had some rough patches when it was first discovered. There were many people who were afraid of the Christians and their practices which led to murder and eventually to a massacre. If the people left to be saved from the Christians why did so many die and why did some people end up killing themselves? Many of the native people of Cuba fled to Hispaniola to escape persecution from the Spanish. The Christians eventually came to Hispaniola. The natives were afraid that the Christians wanted to kill them because the Christians wanted to be the only ones to worship their God.
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Unformatted text preview: They came up with a tactic to try to avoid persecution; worshiping the Christian God so he would lead the Christians away from them. This was unsuccessful. The Christians came, slaughtered three thousand people, and left the people with an empty wasteland. This turmoil created such a hype that people began to flee. Most of the people ended up in the middle of no where and were not left with any other option than to kill their families and themselves. Many others were taken captive and died from being over worked. Those that didn’t kill themselves or get captured were eventually hunted down and killed....
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Weekly Assignment 15 - They came up with a tactic to try to...

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