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Brittney Harris Mr. Connell History 111 1 Feb. 2007 Weekly Assignment #3 Siddhartha Gautama wants to escape suffering all together. A world where there is no pain, no suffering, no love, death, no separation. Is there any way to escape suffering? Siddhartha realized that the world is surrounded by suffering. He noticed that there are two extremes of suffering: a life with pleasure which leads to vulgar and non profit. There is also a life of mortification: which is painful and also profitless. He gives a lot of examples of what causes suffering even including trying to live. So his job in life was to create a world where suffering didn’t exist. Siddhartha went on a journey to try and come up with a way to cure suffering. He
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Unformatted text preview: is takes the Middle Path as to escape the two extremes. He moves toward the Eightfold Path. On this path he is trying to find the eight ways of righteousness. While being on this path he is tries to gain insight, wisdom, calmness, knowledge which leads to the enlightenment and finally the “release of limitations of existence and rebirth.” As he moves along this path he realizes that the life of suffering goes in circles with the “thirst for pleasure, thirst for existence, and a thirst for prosperity. While on this path, learning about this circle, he comes to the conclusion that he would not want to be born again into this world of continuous suffering....
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