Chapter Three - possible Hypothetical Assumptions The...

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Chapter Three Consistency and Assumptions Consistency Analysis The point of consistency analysis is to decide whether the discourse is consistent or not Not all information is of equal importance Must set aside whatever is irrelevant and focus on statements or clauses that bear directly on the matter Steps: 1. Write down separately statements or clauses that seem suspicious 2. Compare the statements to see whether any two of them are contradictory 3. Draw out those implications of the statements that seem promising for the analysis 4. Compare the implications with the original statements and with each other to see whether there are any contradictions When writing down suspicious statements, no need to use quotations Whatever we use must be a complete sentence or an independent clause Implications: Our new statement must be a logical implication of one or more specified statements from the source It should be stated so that it brings out the suspected contradiction as starkly as
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Unformatted text preview: possible Hypothetical Assumptions: The assumption should be compatible with the facts and probable, given these facts The assumption should enable us to progress with out consistency analysis Outcome: Consistent A good analysis to justify the outcome “consistent on analysis” must address these two questions: 1. What aroused our suspicion? 2. Why is the source inconsistent? More on Assumptions Logical Assumption – a statement that must be true in order for some other statements to be true, or in order for some other discourse to be used appropriately Logical assumptions are frequently unstated or implicit in discourse until they are made explicit by analysis Hypothetical Assumption – a statement we took for true in the absence of more reliable information In any kind of interpersonal communication a hypothetical assumption will usually be stated or explicit...
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Chapter Three - possible Hypothetical Assumptions The...

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