DEN3(part1b) - Brittney Harris Responding to: "Friday...

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Brittney Harris Responding to: “Friday Night Lights” by H.G. Bissinger Subject: The Season, Push for the Playoffs, Post-Season 22 March 2007 Record React “This moment (the kickoff of the first game of the season), and not January first, was New Year’s day.” (pg.61) The beginning of each football season symbolizes the start of life in this town. The start of a new season is a civic ritual. A civic ritual is _____. “It was as uncharacteristic a display of passion on the Southside as anyone could remember, all of it revolving around a school that they had come to love and treasure, the only institution, outside of the black churches, that was truly theirs.” (Pg.86) The African-Americans of Odessa want desegregation. This is an example of a normative group. A normative group is a group that pursues goals they consider morally worth while. The thought of closing of Ector High School brought together most of the minority population. This shows an external conflict. The white residents against the African-Americans and Hispanics. “The cost of getting rushed film prints of
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DEN3(part1b) - Brittney Harris Responding to: "Friday...

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