DEN4(part1) - Brittney Harris Responding to: "Little...

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Brittney Harris Responding to: “Little Girls in Pretty Boxes” by Joan Ryan Subject: Introduction and Chapter One 10 April 2007 Record React “Our cultural fixation on beauty and weight and youth has shaped both sports and driven the athletes into a sphere beyond the quest for physical performance.” Pg 5 “In some cases, sacrificing, girls and young women in a quest to fit them into our pretty little boxes.” Pg 15 “The adults around elite gymnasts become so accustomed to their braces and splints and cries of pain that they’re dulled to the damage the sport can inflict.” Pg 40 “The coaches and federation officials allow her to compete no matter what the injury. Indeed, they sometimes insist on it. By showcasing their best athletes, the coaches and federation showcase themselves.” Pg 38 In gymnastics there are obvious “default settings.” Default settings are known ways you must go about to achieve success in what you are doing. In gymnastics, children are molded to be perfect at everything they
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DEN4(part1) - Brittney Harris Responding to: "Little...

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