Test 1 Study Guide - Introductory Points on Religion and...

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Introductory Points on Religion and Religious Studies: Myths- The symbolic stories that communities use to explain the universe and their place within it. Religio - Traditions, bind. Mysticism- The intuitive perception of spiritual truths beyond the limits of reason. Gnosis- self knowledge Scientific approach- Objective, repeatable methods. Gives natural explanations. Human created. Evidence of prehistoric religion- Neanderthals burials, bear skulls (rituals), buried people with stuff much like we do today. Cave paintings. Neolithic religious beliefs/ practices. Sacred- the realm of extraordinary, apparently purposeful, but generally imperceptible forces. Holy, divine, important. Profane- is the everyday world of seemingly random, ordinary, and unimportant occurrences. Immanent- to experience it (religion) as present to the world. (eastern and indigenous traditions). Something within the world. Transcendent- to believe that it (religion) exists outside of the material universe. ( Judeo- Christian-Islamic traditions) Monotheistic- One God. (Catholics) Polytheistic- Many Gods. (Greek) Monistic- Religions that hold that beneath the multiplicity of apparent forms there is one underlying substance. Atheism- Believe there is no God. Agnosticism- is not the denial of the divine but the feeling, “I don’t know whether it exists or not,” or the belief that if it exists it is impossible for humans to know it. (T.H. Huxley)
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Test 1 Study Guide - Introductory Points on Religion and...

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