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Due at 11:59 PM on Tuesday November 13, 2007. Submit your .java files as required by your TA. Grading: Problem 1 (25 pts). Problem 2 (25 pts). Problem 3 (15 pts). Problem 4 (25 pts). General (10 pts). Instructions: The goal of this assignment is to combine arrays and classes in two different ways. The first (Problems #1 and #2) uses arrays as instance variables in a class in a way that combines techniques you are already familiar with. The second approach (Problems #3 and #4) creates an array of class instances (see Section 7.13). Each approach serves a different purpose. Be sure to use appropriate public and private modifiers as discussed in lecture, including the use of public for any constructors that you write. 1. Write a BarGraph class that displays a bar graph of a group of quantities. It should contain instance variables for the names of each “item” being counted and the actual quantity of each type of item. It should contain the following three methods: (A) The constructor receives values for the names but
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