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HW06 - ENGR131 Homework 6 Files Arrays Due at 11:59 PM on...

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ENGR131 – Homework 6: Files & Arrays Due at 11:59 PM on Tuesday October 16, 2007. Submit your .java file, .txt file, and .html file as required by your TA. Grading: Problem 1 (10 pts). Problem 2 (40 pts). Problem 3 (40 pts). General (10 pts). Instructions: The main goal of this assignment is to provide more experience with arrays, but you will also use data files for both input and output. The project is to write a program that automatically converts data stored in a file into a nicely formatted webpage. A similar process is used by professional websites that provide information stored in their databases. By the end of the assignment, you should have three files: (a) a text input file, (b) a .java file that contains your program instructions, and (c) an HTML output file created by your program. Please submit all three files. The project has three main tasks: 1. Create a text file that contains the basic, unformatted data. Choose any data you wish as long as there are at least two categories. On the right is an
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