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The Killer Angels and time setting of novel- The setting and time of my novel has key influence in the storyline. The Killer Angels, by Michael Shaara, is about the Battle of Gettysburg, so it is situated in Gettysburg, PA around the early 1860's. The town is critical in the fights in light of the fact that the territory is arranged so whoever had control of the slopes is at an amazing point of interest. This assumes a huge part in the Northern triumph, in light of the fact that they have control of the slopes. There isn't quite a bit of an ethical playing point for the North notwithstanding being all alone ground in Pennsylvania, so this isn't a lot of a component for their armed force. Nonetheless, the landscape doubtlessly supports the North on the grounds that they find themselves able to be fruitful with their traditionalist style on the grounds that a slope is not difficult to shield. 2.main Characters- There are a few fundamental characters in The Killer Angels, yet the principle three are the well known Robert E. Lee, Josh Chamberlain, and James Longstreet. Lee and Longstreet are Southern officers who are close companions however are separated by Longstreet's addressing of Lee's military choices. Chamberlain is a Northern colonel from Maine who is exceptionally unwavering to individuals from his
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