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Economic Essay - Importance of Continuing Education And the...

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Importance of Continuing Education And the Rewards Christopher Blanchard Introduction into Economics 3 d. Hour 1/2/05 A college education, get a college education, don’t miss out, get a college education. This is what every kid hears from junior high through high school. But why? How much does college cost? How are they going to fund it? How do they know what they want to focus on for their lives? This is what all students, both female and male, faces as a decision for themselves as they go throughout high school the pressure is on. Today, many students already look at college and come to the realization that high school is already more academic then they can stand. For these
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students trade schools and early tech alternative schools have flourished across the United States to help stop kids coming from high school to a dead end. This costs the tax payers a lot of money, but it does help put working young people into the manual work force earlier. Is this the magical answer for all young adults who have to answer the question what are you going to become when you grow up? Is the answer “just learn a trade?” Well I do not know about you, but I don’t think all of us are ready to roll up our sleeves and get the tools out. Let’s face it; some of us are what I categorize as the braun or physical working types. But do these workers need an education in college or is their high school training enough? In my opinion, yes they also need a higher education outside the high school experience. The trade school is a wonderful way to wonder into a budding interest without costing anything, but it is not enough to make a living from. Is it enough money to live off
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Economic Essay - Importance of Continuing Education And the...

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