Taking a Stand

Taking a Stand - Taking a Stand Dear Senator Allen I feel...

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Taking a Stand Dear Senator Allen; I feel that the United States government should not become involved in regulating on-line sites such as Napster. I feel this would greatly affect my core democratic value of The Pursuit of Happiness . This is because when I am on-line I am happy. I support this claim with two pieces of data from Napster teens vs. the Move to Stop the Music Swap written by Laura Stepp. In the article “Zach Carter, a Fairfax County high school senior, is mad. So is and Allison Rager, a senior in Montgomery County. What’s got both hot, and many young people like them, is the ongoing attempt by the big daddies of the record industry to shut down Napster, the wildly popular, music-sharing Internet service.” And the second piece of data to support my thesis is from the same article, “ the big five companies control 80 percent of the business, everything from record sales to television appearances. They determine which songs are released and may decide on just one single for radio play. This means that young
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