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Name/Block:Chemistry of Life Date:Notes 5 Macromolecules Macromolecules are essential molecules to living things “Macro-” meansgiant Four major types of macromolecules (also called biomolecules): Carbohydrates -sugars Lipids -fats Proteins Nucleic Acids -genetic information Macromolecules are formed by joining small subunits called monomersinto largepolymersthrough a chemical reaction calledpolymerization Polymer = large molecule of repeatingmonomers
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Unformatted text preview:○ "-ization" = process○ Polymerization is a process that forms polymersSTOP! You will use this time to explore polymerization with monomers of carbohydrates . Look at the two monomers and the large polymer below. In order to bind the two monomers, a byproductmustbe formed with the "extra" atoms. → Hypothesize: What molecule is formed as the byproduct? What evidence do you have to inform your hypothesis?