counting coup & Smoke signals

counting coup & Smoke signals - Honor Duty Country...

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Honor, Duty, Country. Three words that The United States Military Academy were founded on, but this is not a essay on West Point… This essay is a compare and contrast assignment. What ever happened to the Native American culture? In the Film Smoke Signals and in the novel Counting Coup modern Native American life is sadly destroyed by one single force. Alcohol The single most destructive force pressing the Indian society into the ground is alcohol. What is meant to be enjoyed in small doses quickly ruins lives and families when abused. The abuse of alcohol is seen in both Smoke Signals and in Counting Coup. The effects of abusing alcohol are seen quite extensively thought Smoke Signals. In the film a fourth of July party ruins the life of Victor and his family. Victor’s drunken Father sets the Victor residence ablaze, resulting in the death of Victor’s parents. Victor then lives with his uncle and aunt. As Victor matures and grows the partying of his caretakers continues, until Auntie awakes one morning to find Victor smashing all of the
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counting coup & Smoke signals - Honor Duty Country...

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