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Title and Author: The Bluest Eye By: Toni Morrison Publication Date: 1970 Genre : Novel Writing Style: Colloquial language, Black Vernacular, Imagery, Foreshadowing POV : first person Claudia as a child and adult, Pauline and Soaphead, Omniscient narrator Setting : Lorain Ohio during the Depression Plot : Claudia and Frieda live in Lorain, Ohio. It is during the depression, the girls parents struggle to provide enough for the family and are sharp and critical of the girls. Frieda’s family “adopts” a young girl named Pecola. Pecola’s father tried to burn down his family’s house, leaving her “outdoors”. Pecola adores Shirley Temple, believing that being white is beautiful and that she is ugly because she is black. Pecola’s father drinks, her mother is uncaring, and the two of them abuse each other with pans and the sort. Pecola’s brother Sammy, attempts to run away. Pecola thinks that if she had blue eyes, people would see her different. Pecola is always noticing her own sense of ugliness, boys make fun of her, and a mixed raced girl named Maureen makes fun of her too. Pecola is wrongly accused for killing a cat and is called a “nasty black bitch”. Pecola’s parents both have had difficult lives. Pauline, Pecola’s mother, has a deformed foot.
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