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business presention

business presention - 1 The most difficult part of running...

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1. The most difficult part of running your business? The most difficult part of running an Ebay business would be the public relations department. What I mean by this is always dealing with people, they call you, they email you, they ask some of the dumbest questions that you cannot give a sarcastic reply to. When I was selling the Lincoln Town Car, after the auction ended I was still receiving emails from people wanting to know if I would lower the price. 2. Most rewarding part of running business? The most rewarding part of running my Ebay business would be the cold hard cash, with the money that I earned I plan on investing into the stock market. The reason that I plan on investing my money into the stock market is I looked into the cycle of business and currently we are in the recovery phase of the cycle. After I have made enough profit I plan on purchasing some land to counteract the forces of inflation.
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