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Title and Author: The Awakening by: Kate Chopin Publication Date: 1899 Genre: Fin de seicle (clash of old and new), political romance, novel Writing Style: Undermining women of the time, imagery, foreshadow P.O.V: First Setting: New Orleans, islands, sea Plot: Edna; the main character, is on vacation with her husband, Leonce, on the Grand Isles. Edna spends most of her time with her friend Adele, a Creole who depicts all that is elegant and beautiful. Adele is very open and not afraid to express her feelings, exposure to such openness causes Edna to break away from her prude behavior. Edna comes to know Robert , son of Madame Lebrun. He devotes his time to Edna, and the both spend their days together. As the summer progresses Edna and Robert become close. Robert makes Edna feel more alive than she ever felt before so she starts to paint. She learns to swim. Edna becomes depressed and violent at night with her husband. Robert leaves the Grand Isle to avoid an affair. Edna returns from the Grand Isles to New Orleans a changed woman. Edna continues her painting and ignores all of her responsibilities. Leonce is worried about the changing attitude of his wife; he goes to see Doctor Mandelet . Doctor Mandelet tells Leonce to let Edna’s defiance run its course, since attempts to control her would only more fuel her rebellion. Edna moves into
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