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ATAReduction - Title and Author A Thousand Acres By Jane...

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Title and Author: A Thousand Acres By: Jane Smiley Publication date: 1991 Genre: Tragedy Writing Style: Blank verse, colloquial style, Dialogue, Dramatic irony, P.O.V: First Person Setting: Farm Atmosphere in Iowa during late 1970’s Plot: A King Lear plot. Laurence Cook decides to give his farm to his three daughters and their husbands in an attempt to bi-pass inheritance taxes. Caroline; Mr. Cook’s youngest daughter, offers minimal doubt while Rose and Ginny; Mr. Cook’s middle and eldest daughters respectively, jump on board offering no doubt. Mr. Cook flies off the handle and tells Caroline that she is out of the group and receives nothing in Mr. Cook’s will. Caroline goes back to the city and gets married without letting anyone in the family know. It is not long before Mr. Cook begins behaving erratically—buying furniture, which he leaves outside to be ruined in the rain and rolling his pickup while intoxicated. Ginny talks down to her father about driving while drunk, exercising new authority. Mr. Cook next curses his two older daughters, Ginny
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