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Title & Author: Pride and Prejudice by: Jane Austen Publication Date : 1950 Genre: Light Social Commentary Writing Style: 1800’s POV: 3d person Setting: Small city, during 1813’s Plot: Charles Bingley is a wealthy bachelor who has moved into town. The Bennet household has five unmarried daughters; Mrs. Bennet’s mission is to see all five women marry off to wealthy gentleman. Mrs. Bennet nags Mr. Bennet to visit Mr. Bingley. After the visit, there is a ball; Mr. Bingley spends most of his time with Jane during the ball. Mr. Bennet’s friend, Mr. Darcy joins him to this social function where he is overheard refusing to dance with Elizabeth. Over time Mr. Darcy starts to grow more and more attracted to Elizabeth. Jane and Mr. Bingley also start to form a relationship. Jane makes a trip out to see Mr. Bingley; in route a storm came up and she was caught in it. The down pour makes Jane sick, forcing her to stay at the Bingley mansion. Elizabeth hears of Jane’s mishap and trudges through the mud, to tend to her sister. Elizabeth arrives at the front door covered in mud, Mrs. Bingley does not approve. After the extended stay at the Bingley’s the two women head home, only to find Mr. Collins visiting. Mr. Collins proposes to Elizabeth, she promptly refuses, damaging his pride. During all of this the militia has moved into town. The Bennet women love militia men. Of the men is Mr. Wickham, he tells Elizabeth that Mr. Darcy lied and cheated to win an inheritance. The Bingleys and Mr. Darcy move back to London. An even crazier twist in the plot occurs when Mr. Collins becomes engaged to Charlotte Lucas. Charlotte is one of Elizabeths best friends. Charlotte explains to Elizabeth that she did it for the money. Jane visits the city during the winter only to meet Mrs. Bingley.
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