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1984 reduction

1984 reduction - Title and Author 1984 by George Orwell...

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Title and Author: 1984 by: George Orwell Publication Date: 1949 Genre: Warning Fiction Writing Style: Simplistic POV: 3d person omniscient Setting: A run down society where the government controls every aspect of the citizen’s lives. Grey sky, grey buildings with crumbling foundations and leaking pipes. Plot: Winston Smith lives in a totalitarian society. Winston is tired of the pitiful life that he leads; he is frustrated with how rigid the party is and how there is no free thought or forms of expression. The party controls the history and the language. Winston is an outer party member who works in the Ministry of Truth, where he alters history according to the party’s liking. Winston wanders the streets at night, when he finds an antique shop. He buys an illegal diary and rushes home. In the diary he writes down his frustrations and thoughts while avoiding the every watching telescreen; such actions are strictly forbidden. Before work the next day he places it in his desk and then places a tiny piece of dust on it, so that if someone else looked at his diary the dust would have been moved. Winston goes to work and while working notices a fellow beautiful brown haired co-worker staring at him. Winston thinks that she is a thought police and was searching him for any thoughtcrimes. Then one day she slips him a note the read “I love you” Winston quickly discards the note into the memory hole where old paper is destroyed. Her name is Julia, they begin an illegal covert love affair. After a rendezvous in the woods they decide to meet again, and again. Eventually they rent out the up stairs apartment where Winston bought his diary. The more that the relationship progresses Winston’s hate of the party grows. Winston receives a message that an inner-party member; O’Brien, wants to meet with Winston and Julia. O’Brien is thought to be a member of the Brotherhood; which is a group that is anti-party. Winston and Julia are ecstatic about meeting a member of the secret brotherhood. O’Brien leads a life of luxury that Winston and Julia only can dream of living. O’Brien wines and dines the couple after
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