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Title: The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka Publication Date: 1920’s Genre: Novella, short novel Writing Style: Kafkaesque, surreal, physiological, modern POV: third person omniscient, narrative Setting: Apartment, Gregor’s bedroom Plot: Gregor Samsa wakes in the morning to find that he has been transformed into a giant bug. Gregor thinks immediately of his job as a traveling salesman for a company he would have quit long ago, but doesn’t because his parents are in debt to the boss. He considers calling in sick, but thinks that his boss would then send a doctor to check on him. The chief clerk of the company comes to see why he didn't leave on early train. Gregor eventually slides off the bed. The chief clerk becomes impatient he unleashes a speech filled with threats. Gregor replies, but they have not understood a word of his reply. They don’t even recognize it as human. His mother sends Grete for the doctor and the maid for a locksmith. He manages at last to open the door. Gregor's mother passes out
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