PhysicsLab 115C FreeFall

PhysicsLab 115C FreeFall - lines and chord lines Finally we...

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115C Uniformly Accelerated Rectilinear Motion (Free Fall) 4/19/07
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Abstract: The purpose of the uniformly accelerated rectilinear motion lab is to describe position, velocity, and acceleration for an object in free fall, and determine a value for g. The lab was about gaining a better understanding of how position, velocity and acceleration are related in a free fall situation, by dropping a ball; allowing it to free fall, then calculating and graphing all of its information. We started this lab by dropping a ball from a height of two meters to the ground under free fall conditions. We filmed the ball falling from two meters on to a program called World in Motion. We then used World in Motion to graph the position of the ball against the time it took for the ball to hit the ground. Next we graphed the velocity vs. midtime. We calculated slopes of the tangent
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Unformatted text preview: lines and chord lines. Finally we found all our slopes and compared them to make sure they fit the velocity that was suppose to be at 0.2 seconds, and made sure the slope for position vs. time graph is similar to the acceleration of gravity. The results for this lab were obtained through the velocity vs. midtime graph. The “perfect” result would for the slope of the velocity versus midtimes to be -9.8 meters per second. However, we obtained a slope of -9.6 meters per second. The data is attached at the end of this report. In my opinion this lab was really interesting. It gave me a great understanding of the relationship between position, velocity and acceleration in a free fall situation. I also really enjoyed getting to film the ball falling from two meters because it made it easier to see all the forces at work when you put it with the graphs....
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This lab report was uploaded on 04/12/2008 for the course PHYSICS 101L taught by Professor Russel during the Spring '08 term at Kettering.

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PhysicsLab 115C FreeFall - lines and chord lines Finally we...

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