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Title and Author: Catch-22 by: Joseph Heller Publication Date: 1955 Genre: Satire Writing Style: Short random segments POV: 3d person Setting: Mostly an Air force Base on the island of Painosa, during World War Two. Plot: The novel starts out in a hospital with the main character of Catch-22; Yossarian, faking a liver illness. He is faking because he is absolutely convinced that millions of people are tying to kill him, and views the hospital as the only sanctuary from these continual tastes of death. His superiors only worry about what is best for their advancement in rank rather then the well being of their men through out the novel. They continually volunteer their men for the most dangerous of missions, and worry about great photographs of the bombing runs rather then if the target was hit. The entire story is based on a bunch of other seemingly unimportant events that all tie together to form Catch-22. For example while in the hospital the soldiers are required to censor letters going back home, Yossarian censors the letters to his own liking and signs the censored letters as Washington Irving. Later on in the novel the Chaplin is blamed for the fiasco that Yossarian has caused and has his life threatened because of it. Thought the course of the novel Milo Minderbinder sets up a syndicate where “everyone has a share”. This syndicate starts out by buying and selling black market eggs. It later tornados into bombing his own squadron for the Germans while making a hefty profit. The ironic twist is when Milo convinces everyone that bombing his own men was a good thing and that everyone profited from the bombing. Nately’s whore falls in love with him when he rescues her from a few bad guys. Nately has finished flying his 70 combat missions but does not want to leave without his whore. Nately asks Yossarian for help, who asks Milo for help. Milo confronts Colonel Cathcart about feeling sorry for not flying any missions. Colonel Cathcart agrees and assigns Milo to more dangerous combat missions. Milo then wittingly asks who will take over the syndicate, Colonel Cathcart volunteers him self and Colonel Korn to take over operations. Milo proceeds to explain how the syndicate works; Colonel Korn and Cathcart agree that Milo is the only one able to run the syndicate so they forbid him from flying any more missions. Milo suggests that the other men fly the missions for him. Colonel Cathcart and Korn agree and raise the number of missions to 80. The next mission 12 men die; of them are Nately and Dobbs. The Chaplin finds out about Natelys death and is enraged. Suddenly The Chaplin is then seized and prosecuted for forgery, and thievery of a plumb tomato. The men who seized the Chaplin find him guilty and order him to go
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