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Business Summary - Business Summary During the first...

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Business Summary During the first semester of my junior year, I took a very important economics class. Introduction Into Economics, with Mr. Tisdale. In this class I have had my eyes opened to the very important world of money and interactions dealing with money. In Mr. Tisdale’s class he presented us with the opportunity to start a business, and not take the final exam. Being the studious entrepreneur that I am, what sounds better then a challenge to make a mere fifty dollars, keep track of receipts, and report on it at the end of the semester? Getting out of a four hour test. I accepted the challenge, and in doing so made a cool one hundred forty-three dollars to put towards collage. After thinking on the issue of which business to start, I finally came to a conclusion. While waiting for a doctors appointment to start I read a business article about Ebay, the article’s basic point was this, anyone can use Ebay, and make money while at it. The money hounds of my mind smelt a hot trail and took off running. The next day Mr. Tisdale approved the idea and off I went to make some money. I looked and looked at various antique dealers and garage sales trying to find stuff worthy to sell. After no luck a week later I decided to rearrange my thinking, instead of selling stuff on Ebay, sell stuff for people on Ebay. Thus began
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Business Summary - Business Summary During the first...

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