DASI Co-op paper

DASI Co-op paper - My experience with DASI has been...

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My experience with DASI has been rewarding in the understanding and promoting of software that will be used in my future. The daily interaction of customer contact experience has given me an appreciation of how important sales are for the business and customer relationship. I learned that sales is an art. You must be quick on your feet to keep a customer engaged and interested in hearing what you have to say in the first fifteen seconds of a call. Sales is similar to fly fishing, you cast the bait with anticipation that this is the one that will result in a fish biting the bait. However, once the fish is on the hook, this does not mean that you have caught the fish. You have to keep constant tension on the line and gently reel the fish into your net. Just like sales, you must gently work the customer to want to buy your product and more importantly, you must actually get the customer to sign the purchase order to take delivery of the product. Active listening and making people feel important and hearing what people are saying to you is a very important skill that many people don’t have because they are self focused and that is never good to make a sale. It is important to repeat what the customer wants and what the end result that would make both parties have a win-win result. Emotional intelligence is also a skill to incorporate into a daily routine. Many people get emotional about different things all the time, the intelligent sales representative is the person who allows the customer to talk and win the conversation while convincing them that they are cared about and taken care of with your company. Phone etiquette and
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DASI Co-op paper - My experience with DASI has been...

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