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The Patriot - profit to their mother country England His...

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The Patriot Subjects of the King of England Hear Ye Hear Ye All who assist traitors or the traitors cause in any way shall have your families killed and your homes burned. Any one with information regarding “the Ghost” shall report it to Col. William Tavington, this elusive traitor has been attacking our captains and commanders while hiding in the brush. This nonsense shall cease at once. Any one with information of the where about of the Americans who wrote up the Declaration of Independence shall be rewarded highly, these traitors gathered and wrote an article stating that they were free from their mother country, deliberate disrespect and disobedience . The traitors must understand that the purpose of the colonies is to provide
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Unformatted text preview: profit to their mother country England. His majesty is in power, any one thinking otherwise is considered a traitor and is punishable to death. The philosopher John Locke stated that men are guaranteed three basic rights; Life, Liberty, and Property. What this ill minded traitor has failed to speak about is what you savages will do with power. It will turn into what that philosopher Hobbes describes as, short and nasty. What Hobbes also explains is that the only way to maintain order, is to have a monarch, and like little siblings, older brother will fix you. Regards Col. William Tavington...
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