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Arabic Essay - Arabic 2750 13 December 2006 It is a common...

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Arabic 2750 13 December 2006 It is a common occurrence throughout the world that women are discriminated or segregated simply because of their sex. This is even more prevalent in Arab countries where religious preferences play a significant role in these actions. Much of the cultural and religious beliefs of certain areas will dictate how high a woman will climb on both the educational and professional ladder. While most of the women in the Middle East have access to primary, secondary and post-secondary education, they are oftentimes unable to complete the schooling process for various reasons. Those who do continue on with their education consistently find themselves placed into “women roles”. The main focus of this paper will be specifically on secondary and post-secondary education of women, and the occupational habits stemming from that education in specific Arab countries. It is difficult to generalize about women’s education across the board, because each region and country has different outlooks on the education of women. From 1995 to 1999, the gross enrollment ratio in secondary education of girls to boys was 84 to 78. At the opposite end of this statistic is Yemen, whose girl to boy enrollment ratio was 14 to 53. This illustrates a diverse and broad spectrum on the outlook of female enrollment. It is obvious from this data that most Yemen women are inopportune to education or paid occupations. Most will work in the agricultural sector of society, and “younger women bear the brunt” of this work for most of their lives (Toubia 120). Arab female education has seen a lot of improvement over the last 40 years, but unfortunately there are still quite a few factors that restrain women from continuing with their
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education. Parental influence is one of the main impacts on female education, and early
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Arabic Essay - Arabic 2750 13 December 2006 It is a common...

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