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Business Proposal I propose starting a business involving selling items on Ebay for people as a service, and charging a small commission fee based on total selling cost, which is used as my profit. The advantages of selling on Ebay are very little start up costs to post items to sell. Some disadvantages to Ebay are lack of face to face encounters with customers. Some resources needed are a computer, what I am going to sell, and shipping companies. My target markets will be anybody who would like to sell on item. I think that this business will succeed because of the easiness of buying online, and the easiness of selling. It might fail because I would be competing against millions of other sellers, and whole
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Unformatted text preview: sellers. Proposal The structure of my business is a sole proprietorship involving an Internet connection, a computer, a digital camera, an Ebay account, and customers as resources. Since my business is a service for people, I do not produce anything, instead I take what is already produced and sell it for them to whom ever might find a need for the item. I distribute my service to those who would like to make some money in exchange for items that they no longer want or need. I came upon this idea while reading an article on Ebay in a business magazine while sitting in a doctor’s office....
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