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C.E.O. History The Clarkson University became a member of the prestigious Collegiate Entrepreneurship Organization in 2001 when the Director of Entrepreneurial Programs, Marc Compeau saw an opportunity to transition the classroom learning to real world experience to help better his students. In an explorative quest, Marc recruited Scott Ellsworth (Clarkson 2001), and attended the C.E.O. national conference in November where they were impressed by the plethora of keynote speakers present. Disappointment soon followed, however as they viewed the displays of other C.E.O. programs. The Common trend among the other clubs was to have a group of business students bring relevant speakers to their campuses and expand their academic experience through the lectures of those great business minds and leaders alike. Although Marc and Scott knew that such a procedure was necessary to gain insight and knowledge, they felt that a C.E.O. program at Clarkson needed to go beyond the norm and live up to the School Of
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