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Merchant of Venice

Merchant of Venice - Justice and Social Contract-“I stand...

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Merchant of Venice Colliding Communities Justice as Impartiality? - “Which is the merchant here, and which the Jew?” (IV.i.171) Justice as Public Reason - “ I’ll not answer that. But say it is my humor:is it answered?. ..As there is not firm reason to be rendered…So can I give no reason, nor I will not (IV.i.42-59)
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Unformatted text preview: Justice and Social Contract-“I stand here for law” (IV.i.142)-“If you deny me , fie upon your law, there is no force in the decrees of Venice” (IV.i.101-103) Justice as Equity (mercy)-“Wrest once the law to your authority. To do a great right, do a little wrong” (IV.i.212-214)...
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