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Introduction into politics

Introduction into politics - Arendt"Introduction into...

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Arendt “Introduction into Politics” What is politics? “Politics is based on the fact of human plurality” “Politics arises in what lies between men and is established as relationships” - man (in the singular) is apolitical - Politics deals with the coexistence and association of different men - Therefore there is no real political substance ( not an expression of human nature) Prejudice Against Politics, and What Politics is Today Fear and hope underlie our prejudices today - Fear that humanity will destroy itself through politics by force (force does not equal power) - Hope that humanity will rid the world, not of humanity, but of politics Prejudice and Judgment It is the task of politics to shed light upon and dispel prejudices - This is not the same as training people to be unprejudiced or that those who work toward such enlightenment are themselves free of prejudice Genuine prejudice always conceals some previously formed judgment The function of having prejudice is to spare the individual from having to open himself to thoughtful confrontation with every aspect of reality At the center of politics lies a concern for a world - A world is a space between men
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Whenever humans come together, a space is generated that simultaneously gathers them into it and separates them from one another (by opinions) - Every such space has its own structure that changes over time and reveals itself in: A private context as custom A social context as convention A public context as laws, constitutions, etc.
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Introduction into politics - Arendt"Introduction into...

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