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Aristotle book 1 - POLI 2060 Aristoles Nicomachean Ethics...

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POLI 2060 Aristole’s Nicomachean Ethics Book 1 The Lycium (school) From Macedonia Teachers of Alexander The Great Moved to Athens……could not perform in government Loves to make distinctions Discuss ehtics before politics Happiness Critiques of Plato’s Form Plato’s Forms are absolutle categories (1096a17-23) -They do not account for development Plato’s one form>> one knowledge for it (1096a24-1096b5) -Aristotle = many fileds of knowledge and forms of being -the good of a certain kind of being -the good of a certain amount -the good of a beings relation to another “ It behooves one to remember …. .not to look for precision in the same way in all things, but in accordance with the underlying material in each case, and to the extent that it is appropriate to that course of inquiry” (1096a25-35) Capacities of the soul and virtues of the soul (1102a5-1103a10) Non rational= vegetative; appetitive Rational= reason; spiritedness Virtues= intellectual; moral (action) Telos and Eudaimonia The end/purpose (telos) is the good of a thing or state of affairs. For human activities(choices) to be deliberative and meaningful, there must be a foundational good that is complete (theological) - Activity is energia = ‘being at work’ Happiness (eudemonia) is a certain way of being at work in accordance with complete virtue (1102a5-6) -Happiness is the ultimate ‘that for the sake of which’ Differing views on Eudemonia (1095b15-1096a10) Most people choose pleasure as happiness -they are slavish to their passions Some people choose the political life as happiness -they are active people who choose honor -paradigms of the moral virtues Few people choose the contemplative life as happiness -they are the most self-sufficient -paradigms of the intellectual virtues Telos and Eudaimonia (1100b17-21) “the happy person…………….and flawlessly squarely centered” Aristole’s Nicomachean Ethics Book II
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Aristotle book 1 - POLI 2060 Aristoles Nicomachean Ethics...

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