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LAST 101-04 Paper Two 11-30-06 José Carlos Mariátegui Jose Carlos Mariategui is considered to be one of the most distinguished Latin American Marxists. His interest in politics and exposure to the post-World War I European political climate ultimately let him to a “permanent commitment to the Communist movement” (O’Lincoln 3). An advocate of the “universal proletariat,” Mariategui regarded socialism as the “only serious force holding out hope for progress in an age of world crisis” (6, 1). Mariategui came to sympathize with the struggling working class as a result of the hardships of his own family growing up. This, and his introduction to politics in Europe, led him to believe that socialism was the only way with which to help people who experienced similar situations growing up as he had. Jose Carlos Mariategui was born in Motequegua in 1894. His father, Mariategui Reguejo, abandoned his family during his early childhood (O’Lincoln 1). His mother, Maria Amalia La Chira Ballejos, was forced to move Mariategui, along with his siblings, to Lima and later Huacho for family support (“Jose” 1). At the age of 14, he seriously injured his leg and was sent to a hospital in Lima. As a result, he was not able to continue his schooling (6). Not long after, Mariategui started working at a newspaper. Gradually, he worked his way from running errands to writing for “La Prensa” and “Mundo Limeno” (O’Lincoln 2). In 1916, his inclination for political journalism eventually led him to employment at El Tiempo , a daily newspaper known for its “leftist orientation” (“Jose” 1). After two years he decided to start his own magazine, but the owners of El Tiempo would not print it (O’Lincoln 2). Consequently, Mariategui split with El Tiempo 1
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LAST 101-04 Paper Two 11-30-06 and began his own paper, La Razon. This was his “first major venture in leftwing journalism” (“Jose” 1). Mariategui’s new newspaper came to the forefront in avidly defending the
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mariategui - LAST 101-04 1 Paper Two Jos Carlos Maritegui...

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