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Critical Review Essay - Soci 607 Essay One 1-23-08...

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Soci 607 Essay One 1-23-08 Introducing and Exploring Sexuality While all of the articles are intertwined, each—aside from the introduction by Seidman—focuses on a specific area of sexuality about which it provides much detail and support. Just as each reading complemented the others, so does each component of sexuality complement the others in enriching its study and understanding. Whereas categories like race are more concretely definable and allow for easier study of their effects on other aspects of life, the phenomenon of sexuality itself need be more deeply studied before attempting to explain its influence on other areas of life. Moreover, the study of other aspects of life with regard to sexuality functions as a study of sexuality attempting to define and categorize its forms. The introduction article by Seidman broadly discusses topics associated with sexuality and provides a framework of understanding for the literature that follows. Seidman states, “sociologists aim to explain human behaviors as social and historical, not natural, occurrences” (Seidman 1). Thus, the commonly-held belief of sexuality as a natural occurrence excludes it from the field of sociology. However, the selection aims to explain why sexuality is in fact valid for sociological study. Simply, Seidman explains, “…the making of sexual selves and codes has been interlaced with the making of the cultural and institutional life of Western societies” (Seidman 3). Seidman decries the absence of sexuality as a contributor to modernization. He provides a solid example with
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Critical Review Essay - Soci 607 Essay One 1-23-08...

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