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Psyc 318 Spring 2008 PROJECT 2 Item Analysis, Reliability, and Validity Total Point Value: 100 (20 points/question) Projects are DUE at the beginning of Lab 6 (week of March 10 – March 12) 10 points will be deducted for each day your project is late Directions : You must type your answers in a word processing program. You also must integrate the SPSS output into the typed document (i.e., copy/paste). Remember: handwritten projects or those with the SPSS output simply printed from SPSS will NOT be accepted! Also, you must work INDEPENDENTLY on your project – consulting with any persons other than the teaching assistant regarding the project is considered an honor code violation and the incident will be handled according to the Code of Academic Conduct. 1. Run a coefficient alpha reliability analysis. What did you observe as the value of coefficient alpha for this test? Using the item-total correlation values, identify the two best and two worst items. On what basis did you choose these items? What would happen to the reliability of the
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