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Asian Studies 101 (GE Foundations) Asian Thought and Cultures Fall 2006 Quiz 3 Burma/Cambodia/Thailand/Vietnam/Laos 1. While Mui is still a child, the director develops her connection to Nature with aestheticzed images of Nature as Mui interacts with the outside sphere of the home. 2. When China assisted the Viet Minh, the U.S. worried that Vietnam would become another Communist state and decided to support France by giving it $10 million in aid. 3. What Western movie is banned in Thailand? “The King and I” 4. Vietnam is the only country in South East Asia that was influenced more by China than by India. 5. Two kinds of Tensions therefore influenced Vietnamese politics in the 1700s. One was the political dualism: the tension between the Le emperors’ Theoretical legitimacy and the Practical power of the regional lords. 6. The young Sihanouk built unity among the rival factions in Cambodia by using the goal of permanently expelling the French from Cambodia. 7. The Vietnamese people’s limited but significant Sinicization had begun during the more than one thousand years that northern Vietnam had been a colony of the Chinese empire, before Vietnam became independent in the tenth century A.D. 8. The Scent of Green Papaya (1993) is one of the best films ever made about the practice of attention. Vietnamese writer and director Tran Ahn Hung sets the drama in Saigon in 1951. We follow the daily activities of a ten-year-old servant girl who works for a merchant family. She is incredibly attentive to her work and the natural world around her. 9. The present Thai Monarch, King Phumiphon Adunyadet , is beloved by one and all Thai, and he has earned their respect. His hobbies and interests are far ranging, from racing (where he once lost an eye), to music composition, to photography, to civil engineering. 10. The king of Cambodia appealed to France for help and in 1863 the French established a protectorate. Cambodia became a part of French Indochina which included: Laos , Vietnam , and Cambodia . 11. The Khmer Rouge was able to defeat the Cambodian government troops and killed 1-3 million Cambodians with the goal of eliminating anyone who was “ Polluted ” by pre-revolutionary thinking. 12. The Khmer Rouge was a Communist guerilla army controlled by Pol Pot . 13. The Khmer Civilization had long perished over 5 centuries ago, but it left outstanding monuments such as the great Khmer temples of Angkor Wat and Bayon. 14. The idea of a separate Lao nationality was formed during the 19th century, when western ideas of national identity reached South-East Asia, and when the Lao-speaking peoples were being squeezed between two expansionist powers, Siam (Thailand) and Vietnam . 15.
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Review__3_good_luck - Asian Studies 101 (GE Foundations)...

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