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Unformatted text preview: Protostomes There are 22 phyla of protostomes, but the eight major phyla shown account for about 99.5% of the known species ra Ro tife Lophotrochozoa tyh elm inth es Ecdysozoa On ych op ho ra ma tod a Mo llus ca An nel id Tar d Pla Art Ne hro po da igr ad a a orp ha erm ra ora ata od hin Ch Ec ord ata rife ida no Po Cte Cn Ac oel om ria ph Protostome development Coelom Triploblasty Bilateral symmetry Once the protosome pattern of development had evolved, protostomes split into the lophotrochozoans and ecdysozoans 2495033005 Track No: 2636 Working No: 33 03 ISBN: 0132249502 / Benjamin Cummings Pearson Education July 11, 2007 VSA Image Type: Art Studio Name: Source: Source Status: New Source Comments: Source Figure No: Original File Name: Description: Protosomes Consist of Two Major Monophyletic Groups ...
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