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Exercise 7 - PSYCH 560 Exercise 7 Chapter 4 Questions pg...

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PSYCH 560 Exercise 7 Chapter 4 Questions pg. 136 1. The city will have to validate whatever predictors it develops to select police officers. What method or methods of validation do you think it should use? a. Predictive validity, a type of criterion-related validity should be the method used because it forecasts future status of testing methods, whereas other tests must use previous data. Concurrent validity testing may be done as well, once the tests are in progress. 2. Do you think biographical information might be useful in predicting one’s success as a police officer? If so, what types of items might be useful? a. Yes. If a potential officer has been exposed to a lot of crime and is knowledgeable about the justice system and public administration, they would most likely be more successful as a police officer. Items including resistance to stress, concentration, cooperation and responsibility would be indicative tests .
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