Final Exam Guide - PSYCH 560 Final Exam Review 1 Chapter 7...

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PSYCH 560 Final Exam Review 1. Chapter 7: Performance Management a. Assessing employee performance i. Performance appraisal: process of assessing performance to make a decision ii. Performance development: assessment of performance with the goal of providing feedback to facilitate improved performance iii. Performance management: process that incorporates appraisal and feedback to make performance-based administrative decisions b. Using the results of Performance Appraisal i. In Personnel Training ii. Wage and salary administration iii. Placement iv. Promotions v. Discharge vi. Personnel research c. Theory of Person Perception i. Person perception : a theory that asserts how we evaluate other people in various contexts is related to how we acquire, process, and categorize information. ii. Donahue’s Framework to understand person perception 1. inputs: characteristics of the perceiver, and person being perceived, and contextual factors 2. processes: range of variables pertaining to the way the perceiver uses information to make a judgment a. called schemas , a cognitive approach to processing information that results in making sense of events and actions that in turn influence how decisions are made on the basis of that information 3. outputs: consequences of the processing to the perceiver and the target d. Sources of Performance Appraisal Information i. Three types of data used to characterize job performance 1. Objective production data : counting number of objects produced by an individual or looking at sales volume. Unfortunately this is not a complete measure since it represents a form of criterion contamination. a.
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Final Exam Guide - PSYCH 560 Final Exam Review 1 Chapter 7...

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