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Monday, October 8 th Q1. Dr. Freeman’s grandfather had early-pattern baldness. His grandmother didn’t. There was no history of the trait in her family. They had 6 girls. • Early pattern baldness is an X-linked trait. • The allele that causes the trait is recessive (X b ). The dominant allele (X B ) is associated with normal hair pattern. Which of the following statements is correct? a. Several of their male grandchildren have the trait. b. Several of their female grandchildren have the trait, even though there is no history of it in their spouses’ families. c. The grandmother’s genotype is most likely X B X b . d. Two of their girls had the trait. Q2. Draw the chromosomes of a female fly with genotype X wsZY / X WSZy . Q3. Suppose that crossing over occurs as shown below. What will be the genotypes of the recombinant chromosomes that result? R r Y y B b a. RYB and ryb b. Ryb and rYB c. RYb and RYb d. RYb and ryB e. RyB and rYb Q4. Place the ruby eyes and vermillion eyes genes on the fly X chromosome, based on the recombination frequencies given below. White Cv wings Sable Vermillion eyes (V.e. 31.6 19.3 10 Ruby eyes 6.1 6.2 35.5 a. yellow (0) white (1.4) V.e. cv wing (13.7) Ruby sable (43) b. yellow (0) white (1.4) cv wing (13.7) V.e. Ruby sable (43) c. yellow (0) white (1.4) Ruby cv wing (13.7) sable (43) V.e. d. yellow (0) white (1.4) Ruby cv wing (13.7) V.e. sable (43)
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Tuesday, October 9 th Q1. Several of the traits that Mendel worked with are due to genes located on the same chromosome. How is it possible that he observed 9:3:3:1 phenotype ratios in the F 2 offspring of dihybrid crosses between homozygous parents? a.
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ClickerQs_Week3 - Monday, October 8 th Q1. Dr. Freeman's...

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