Lecture13_SexualSelection - Sexual selection (continued)...

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Sexual selection (continued) and Kin selection II. Sexual selection via male-male competition Evaluate sexual selection theory, using data from elephant seals: • females make a large • females weigh kg, pups weigh kg, during first 5 weeks of nursing pups gain kg; females lose kg • males contribute Conclude: in this species, females 1. How do females achieve increased fitness, if they invest a great deal in each offspring? 2. How do males achieve increased fitness, if they invest very little in each offspring? Therefore, sexual selection should be Breeding system: • females have to “haul out” • females prefer to breed on islands because they have • only a few island beaches are shallow enough for Do the data support the prediction?
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II. Sexual selection via female choice If female RS is not limited by access to males, and if males compete for females, then females should be Question: When females choose, what do they choose? 1. “Good
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Lecture13_SexualSelection - Sexual selection (continued)...

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