Lecture9_HardyWeinberg - The Hardy-Weinberg Principle I....

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The Hardy-Weinberg Principle I. Today’s question: Will blondes go extinct? Hypothesis: Recessive alleles decline in frequency because they are Prediction: The allele for blond hair will gradually be reduced to a frequency of Corollary 1: The extinction of the allele will happen within Corollary 2: The last blonde will be from because this is where the blonde allele is currently at The essential issue is: What happens to the frequency of alleles in a population—especially if they are completely dominant and completely recessive—just due to segregation during meiosis and transmission to offspring? How can we evaluate this hypothesis? Two quick definitions: “fixation” = allele goes to frequency 1.0 “loss” = allele goes to frequency 0.0 Note that we need to shift our thinking … 1. Evolution = a change in allele frequencies 2. We are not predicting the frequencies of genotypes from a particular mating; we need to predict frequencies of … change to II. Hardy and Weinberg's analysis of this problem
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Lecture9_HardyWeinberg - The Hardy-Weinberg Principle I....

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