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Unformatted text preview: B A E Chromalveolata Discicristata Excavata Alveolata Stramenopila Rhizaria Plantae y ph te s e d al e ga e ga G e re n g al ae nd a pl nt s ng i C ho an Unikonta Opisthokonta t lla a Amoebozoa es se am C o ae eb la ol ds Ba ct e ria c Ar ha ea Di pl om on ad s b a as s lid gl e Pa ra d ni s ilia Eu s te C Di no fl e ag lla s te om pl a ex om y Ap ic t ce es at om s O Di m ow ora hlo Br F C n al ga e i in fe ra ra c ra hn la io G uc h op yt Re al la of ge La Fu An im ls Lo bo el lu l rs s l ia ld od mo m e as m Pl sli im e m Green plants Eight major lineages of eukaryotes (protist branches are in color) 2495029016 Track No: 0976 Working No: 29 08 ISBN: 0132249502 Freeman/Biological Science, 3e Benjamin Cummings Pearson Education June 21, 2007 VSA Image Type: Art Studio Name: Source: Freeman_BS2e Source Status: PickUp: modify art Source Comments: Source Figure No: 28 07 Original File Name: AABXJPH0 Description: Phylogenetic Analyses Have Identified Eight Major Lineages of Eukaryotes ...
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