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Unformatted text preview: Green plants Land plants Vascular plants Seed plants ae ce hy s) e p ae s) to ete cea ts) ta ) hy ae yce yte hae ha hy or p lg p w h h c c do a op op eo leo ra ne ho (red Ulv (ulv Col (co Cha (sto R Gymnosperms ta a yt hy ) ph rts) rop rts ta ) o y s e tic wo oc wo ph se pa ver nth orn ryo os e H (li A (h B (m Angiosperms s) ta a a s) a ) ta s) yt ) yta yt hy ta te yt ta rm a es hy fern ph ails ph ph s) ph ) rop rs) hy phy yta yt hyt hy spe p o o h p o o h ) e p to k n et o ) ad ad kg kg ife if to to p es ho io op op lo is e rs rid ns yc (cyc in (gin on (con ne (gne ino (pin nt (ang si (wh Sph (ho Pte (fer yc (lyc C C G P A L P G Flowers Seeds Vascular tissue Green algae Nonvascular plants Seedless vascular plants Ability to live on land Chloroplasts containing chlorophyll a + b and -carotene ...
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