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Unformatted text preview: Plants Am oe bo zo a Fu ng i Animalia Bilateria Protostoma Lophotrochozoa dw orm Mo s) ll (sn usca ai squ ls, cla id) ms , late s Deuterostoma Ne m (ro atod und a wo rm s) Art hro (ins pod a e cru cts, s sta pid cea ers ns) , Ec hi (se node a s rma tar s, s ta and do Ch llar ord s) (ve ata rte asc brat idia es, ns) Ecdysozoa es) Cte no (co pho mb ra jell ies ) Pla ty (fla helm two int rm hes s) Ac oe (ac lomo oel r s) pha gel on Cn id (jel aria lyfi sea sh, ane m Ch An ne (se lida gm ent e ofla Po rif (sp era on ges ) Ro tif (ro era tife rs) oan Segmentation Acoelom Pseudocoelom Pseudocoelom Radial Segmen- symmetry (in adults) tation Segmentation Growth by molting Protostome development Deuterostome development Coelom Triploblasty (origin of mesoderm) Bilateral symmetry and cephalization Radial symmetry Diploblasty (ectoderm and endoderm) Epithelial tissue Multicellularity 2495032024 Track No: 1243 Working No: 32 10 ISBN: 0132249502 Freeman/Biological Science, 3e Benjamin Cummings Pearson Education July 11, 2007 VSA Image Type: Art Studio Name: Source: Freeman_BS2e Source Status: PickUp: modify art Source Comments: Source Figure No: 31 13 Original File Name: AABXJRE1 Description: A Phylogeny of Animal Phyla Based on DNA Sequence Data ...
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