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Lecture6_ChromosomeTheory - Chromosome Theory of...

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Chromosome Theory of Inheritance I. The chromosome theory of inheritance Pattern: Process: Proposition #1: Genes are found on Genetic locus = a particular location on a chromosome Proposition #2: The principle of segregation results from the Proposition #3: The principle of independent assortment occurs because maternal and paternal homologs II. Testing the chromosome theory Q: What predictions does this theory make? A: If genes are found on chromosomes, then we should be able to A. Fruit flies as a model organism B. Discovery of white-eye mutants Mutant = an individual with a new trait Mutation = a novel trait
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1. Crosses give strange results a. Red-eyed female X white-eyed male b. Let F 1 males and females breed 2. Is there an association between sex of progeny and inheritance of eye color? To answer this question, do a reciprocal cross: a. F 1 red-eyed females X white-eyed males b. White-eyed females X true-breeding red-eyed males C. The discovery of sex chromosomes XY sex determination: X and Y act like D. Hypothesis:
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